Welcome to the Portrait of Mann project!


This project is about the people of Isle of Man.

It was created between August 2014 and September 2015.

25 people participated, many more get involved.

    As photographer and artist, living on the Isle of Man for 3 years, I noticed what rich variety of people and culture that small place has gathered. I love watching people, characters, what their live is like, their emotions and what their view of life is. That bring me to some thoughts. I noticed most of the photographers on the island make photographs of their surroundings – mainly landscapes, seascapes, wildlife. You almost can’t see portraits of people.

     That brought me to an idea of a documentary and the same time social photography project. A project about people, living on the Island from all over the world – from New Zealand to Canada, Muslims and Christians, black and white. All living in perfect harmony and peace. A community, build from such a variety of people and cultures.

     Portrait of Mann is a documentary and social photography project. It aims to examine and to describe the Island’s contemporary scene and society; to portraiture the people who live on the Isle of Man. But not only that- to depict these people- where they come from, why they come here, what are their dreams, why they like the Island… A contemporary review of the Mann’s society and lifestyle. Although island has changed for last 20-30 years, it kept it’s unique self- consciousness and to pass it on to the ones, who chose it as their new home.

     I have picked 25 people, who describe best Island’s lifestyle – waiter, chef, hairdresser, tattooist, yoga teacher, IT specialist, carer, doctor, bank manager, office worker, artists, gardener, horse trainer, golf player, motor cyclist, bicyclist, fireman, life boat man and farmer.

     The project does not pretend to be complete excerpt.

     All prints are made on canvas, 70/100cm

Kindly sponsored by Poker Stars and Culture Vannin


The People


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For more information  +44 7624 212193


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